Andrew was born 0n 8 november 1990,10 weeks premature weighing 2lb-3
 Rotherham hospital had no scbu (special care baby units) so Andrew had to be taken to Saint James Hospital (Jimmy’s) at Leeds. Mum was too poorly so dad had to shoot off with Andrew leaving mum with just two Polaroid photos. On Sunday 11th of November Andrew became very ill with an infection; mum was fetched over with a police escort from Rotherham. Along with anti biotics Andrew had to be ventilated very highly. On Monday 12th (mums birthday) Andrews became very poorly they advised mum and dad to have him christened because they didn’t think he would last the night .What a night! every time we heard footsteps coming down the corridor we thought it was somebody coming to tell us we had lost Andrew .But he made it through the night and the next, slowly day by day Andrew began to get better the team at jimmy’s were absolutely marvellous Andrews weight went to 1lb 9 ounce but he started putting it back on.
Andrew kept on in improving until he was transferred back to Rotherham and then on Christmas day weighing 3 pound Andrew came

home what a Christmas present!When Andrew was 9 months old we were told some devastating news he had cerebral palsy this was when Andrews second battle for life started they said Andrew would never walk or talk and it would affect all is limbs for the first four years things didn’t seem so bad then Andrew started talking he said dad then another word then another it was brilliant then Andrews hip came out it needed a major operation to put it right and then from that moment on it seemed like Andrew Was in the middle of the rope, in a game of tug of war it was between his little body and a strange force, both his shoulders dislocated his hamstrings became two tight and had to be cut he then had a intrathecal baclofen pump fitted inside is body it was a computerised pump which a pumped the drug baclofen into is body to reduce the tone but Andrew kept battling on and even started riding a bike then two years ago Andrew had to have is right hip put back but they had to remove the thema head because it was arthritic they said Andrew would never walk then Andrew became epileptic and started having major ceases then last year Andrew had severe scoliosis of the spine and needed a 12 hour operation to try and straighten his spine they put 2 titanium rods down each side of his spine he was in bed for 3 months .all through this time our brave little boy has never moaned never said why me, he’s just got on with life with his great sense of humour and the love of life he inspires us very much he as an active life goes to the caravan every weekend, going walks, fishing, sings karaoke,has a great love for music. We love our son so much we want to tell the whole world.